Steve Bowersock


As a young boy forming into adolescence in rural Ohio, Steve Bowersock drew and painted on any surface he could get his inspired hands-on; and all media was fair game! He eventually came to realize his life purpose wouldn’t be realized if he stayed in the relative isolation of where he grew up. So, he rejected the world where a painting of Elvis on velvet was considered priceless art and fled the Ohio factory, blue-collar existence in pursuit of an artists’ life. On the way to a more colorful expression, he donned the canvas of camouflage and enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. Desert Storm may have taught him discipline and focus, but also gave him the life-altering opportunity to view works of the great European artists which only further fueled the deep desire to master his own artistic abilities. After service in the Marines, Bowersock used the GI Bill and enrolled in the Granite State College where he received his Associate’s Degree, while concurrently working under the private tutelage of a consortium of artists in the New Hampshire area. Fast forward through a few moves and states later, in 2004 he landed in Provincetown, MA where he co-founded the internationally recognized Bowersock Gallery. Steve continues to create, curate, and exhibit nationally.

Artist Statement:  

Since his very first watercolor and eventual growth into oils, Steve Bowersock’s narratives continually morph as he explores the surrealistic representational, conceptual art mindset, a tripping of the mind from the natural to the personal, what he calls a “dreamscape” of life. His mission is to transport the viewer into the folds of an inspirational artistic journey by asking us to contemplate and discover the mysteries of “what lies beyond” the dimensional veil. Bridging the gap between fantasy and realism by reaching into the multiple layers of the medium, the viewer can get lost by literally grabbing onto the nuggets of nature’s hidden heartbeat presented in each artwork. Steve believes a job well done is to offer a “trip,” of wonder, to peel back the onion of the unseen, and for five or ten minutes, escape the chaos of the 3D world into a fantasy of both the artists’ and viewers’ creation. “It’s about tapping into the imagination, into the feelings and adventures which lie just beyond the minds’ eye. These places hold such great fascination, yet they are where we oftentimes most hesitate to go.”